The circumference of a circle is 28Ο€ inches. What is the length of the radius of this circle? 14 in.21 in.28 in.56 in.Please help fast

Accepted Solution

Answer:The radius of the circle is 14 inches.Step-by-step explanation:How is the circumference of a circle related to its radius?[tex]\displaystyle \text{Circumference} = \pi\times \text{Diameter} = \pi\;(2\times \text{Radius})[/tex].In brief,[tex]\text{Circumference} = 2\pi\times \text{Radius}[/tex].For this question,[tex]\text{Circumference} = 28\pi[/tex], and[tex]\text{Radius}[/tex] needs to be found.Divide both sides of the equation by [tex]2\pi[/tex]:[tex]\displaystyle \frac{\text{Circumference}}{2\pi} = \text{Radius}[/tex].[tex]\displaystyle \text{Radius} = \frac{\text{Circumference}}{2\pi} = \frac{28\pi}{2\pi} = 14[/tex].In other words, the radius of this circle is 14 inches.