Can anyone help me solve this please? Thanks in advance!

Accepted Solution

Answer:1: 232: Decrease by three for each kilometer or -3.Step-by-step explanation:The temperature for this planet is equal to y, and y = 23 - 3x. The height above the surface is represented by x. If we’re on the surface of the planet, the height above the surface is 0, therefore x is equal to zero. E.g. y = 23 - 3(0) Simplified, we see that y = 23 on the surface.For the second problem, it wants to know the change in temp for ever km we go above the surface.Since x, or the height above the surface, is multiplied by three, then for every increment of x, it is multiplied by three. Since our equation is y = 23 - 3x, for each 1 increase in x, the temperature is decreased by the three. E.g.y = 23 - 3(1) would be y = 20y = 23 - 3(2) would be y = 17So again, as our height above the surface (x) increases, our temp decreases by three degrees.